1. my catchphrases include: "booyah", "amazing", and "wow"

2. i grew up in the east bay area. i went down to los angeles for college and stayed for eight years before planting roots back in the bay area. i currently call san ramon home. 

3. i have two psychology degrees from azusa pacific university.

4. my love language is acts of service, i'm an enfj, enneagram type 2w3. i nerd out over these things — let's chat about yours. 

5. my husband is my best friend, creative partner, sous chef, & more.

6. food is important. i enjoy cooking + love gatherings over a meal. 

7. i'm a corporate girl — currently @ lululemon as a project manager. 

8. my taste in music is broad. i can scream the lyrics at a dan + shay show, i can drive with my windows down to angsty teen, and i can be in my feels to r&b. 

9. i have a *healthy* obsession with my family and am proud to be vietnamese-american. and yes, bún bò huế is superior to phở. 

10. i believe in the goodness of god. 

meet martha

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