1. my catchphrases include: "booyah", "amazing", and "wow"

2. i grew up in the east bay area. i went down to los angeles for college and stayed for eight years before planting roots back in the bay area. i currently call dublin home. 

3. i have two psychology degrees from azusa pacific university.

4. my love language is acts of service, i'm an enfj, enneagram type 2w3. what are your results? 

5. my favorite questions to ask are: ‘what goals are you working toward right now?’ and ‘what’s your favorite thing about yourself?’ 

6. food is important. i enjoy cooking + love gatherings over a meal. 

7. i've read 250+ books to date and usually have a book goal per year.

8. my taste in music is broad — i can scream the lyrics at a dan + shay show, i can drive with my windows down to angsty teen, and i can be in my feels to r&b. 

9. i have a *healthy* obsession with my family. i acknowledge this is rare and i don't take it for granted. i'm proud to be vietnamese.

10. i believe in the goodness of god. 


hi, friend!

fast facts —
imagine this is a dating app

meet john bibel

my life partner + business partner, my fiancé, and my best friend — can you say dream life? if you hire me for your wedding, you'll likely get to meet john. he's my go-to second shooter (if your wedding is on a weekend), and truly comes to any and all events ready to capture allll the moments and have a good time while doing it. also, he gives me back rubs, hugs, and snacks on long work days — so, selfishly, i love when he gets to come with me. he's an incredible storyteller + an even better hang.